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We are a general dental practice that has been serving the Panhandle since 1997 and offer a wide range of services for our patients including cosmetic, restorative, preventative and pediatric dental care. We offer the most advanced surgical tools, monitoring equipment and highly trained staff. Book today or call us for more information on how we can help your smile.
Posted By: Eric Crawford
Updated: 5/8/2017
12:00 PM
Summer is about to burst onto the scene. And with it, your “free time” will turn to “busy time” as you plan, plan, plan for your relaxing summer vacation. So while you’re thinking about where you’ll go, where you’ll eat, and what you’ll see along the way, don’t forget t . . . Read More

Posted By: Eric Crawford
Updated: 4/10/2017
06:00 AM
Most of us are used to the idea of just popping into the local grocery store or pharmacy to replenish our usual brand of toothpaste, mouthwash and floss when we know we’re running low on supplies. But what if re-stocking that old familiar brand isn’t really helping you . . . Read More

Posted By: Eric Crawford
Updated: 3/27/2017
06:00 AM
Imagine it’s still winter … you’re standing at the door, ready to brave the cold. You’re layered-up with three shirts and a sweatshirt, your heavy winter coat, and two layers of socks underneath your waterproof winter boots. Then you’ve got those awesome jeans with the . . . Read More

Posted By: Eric Crawford
Updated: 3/8/2017
06:00 AM
Oral bacteria could be one of the causes of RA. February 01, 2017 By Nicholas Hamm "This research may be the closest we've come to uncovering the root cause of RA," says Maximilian Konig, M.D., a former Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine fellow now at M . . . Read More

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